Segway i2 SE

Segway i2 SE

i2Icon Marathon runner

Reliable, durable and efficient

Achieve more

The right tool makes all the difference

38 km reach

Can you imagine covering this walking distance on an average day? Now you can. Have durable, marathon-like superpowers support your workflow.

20 km/h speed

Comfortably travel at high speed and get wherever you need to be. Seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor traveling.


The solid i2 SE is built to resist. And what's more, you'll never be caught off guard with two batteries that work independent from each other.

Work life balance

Tilt the edge in your favour

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Experience the Segway i2 SE around the world during one of the many Segway Tours.
By Segway Gogotours

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See the Segway i2 SE in action during a game of Segway polo in 360 degrees view.
By Soft-Focus

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How does Segway work? Watch the Discovery Channel episode.
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Main features

Allows for precise steering, quick removal and easy transportation in most vehicles
Gliding Lights
You'll be clearly visible in low light conditions
Wide base platform
Stable platform optimized for your comfort
Strong tires
The i2 SE is comfortable with many types of terrain
Extremely durable
Made of the very best materials, with IP54 rated protection
Hard cases, handlebar bags, cargo plates and smartphone/tablet holders 
Two batteries
Allow for a longer battery life and extra protection.


Product Segway i2 SE
Appropriate age 16-60
Max speed 20 km/h / 12.5 mph 
Net Weight 47.7 kg
Dimension 650 x 630 x 1170 - 1300mm
Battery 382 Wh
Max. climb angle 20 degree
Driver weight 117 kg (min 45 kg) / 18.5 Stone  (min 7 Stone) 
Remote control via App No
App Monitor No
Bluetooth No
Water resistance IP54
Power output 2000 W x 2
Max. mileage 38 km / 24 Miles*
Tire size 19 inch / 48.2 cm 
Max. charging time 12 hours
Box contents PT, LeanSteer, user manual, InfoKeys (x 2), Battery (x 2)
Box dimensions 762 x 584 x 762 mm

* Tested under riding in full power, 70kg load, 25°C environmental temperature and 15km/h average speed on pavement.

Please note that rules and regulations for riding Segway products on public roads differ for every country, for more information check our Support page.

Improve the way you work

The Segway i2 SE gets you anywhere you need to be, safely and quickly. It is comfortable with many surfaces and types of terrain. Be safe on pavement, grass or sandy patches. Bumps or dents in the road? Surfaces with a slope? The i2 SE is your go-to means of reliable transportation. 

With a removable steer the i2 SE is really easy to bring along with you in any type of vehicle. Be adventurous and reach out to places you haven't been before. Go places you wouldn't believe were inside your reach and explore those places a hoverboard won't take you.

Don't worry about your footprint, the Segway i2 SE is environmentally friendly. Made with the greatest care and high quality durable material, the i2 SE is extremely reliable. You'll never be caught off guard. On the road, on the job, wherever.

Bring anything you need on the job. Whether it is business related or you need to get your hands dirty; with the mount accessories you can bring anything along. And using the tablet and phone holder, you can even bring your office with you.

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