Segway Drift W1 - Experience the new e-Skates!

Segway Drift W1 - Experience the new e-Skates!

Unlimited fun with unlimited imagination

Segway Drift W1 - Available Now

Move Effortlessly

12 km/h speed

The Segway Drift W1 can speed up to 12km/h (7.5 mph) and is three times faster than walking. It rolls smoothly and provides you maximum riding comfort.

45 min reach

Fully charged, Segway Drift W1 can provide you a 45 minute ride. It guarantees you fun times and enables you to explore endless creativities. 

7 kg weight

With a total weight of 7kg Segway Drift W1 is portable and can be carried around easily in one hand or in a bag. 

Unique Design

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Main features

Ambient head and tail lights
Get noticed wherever you go with ambient lights that has three light modes to match with your style.
Damage protection
The rubber bumpers at the front and rear protect your product.
Easy to carry
Elastic bands at the bottom allows you to easily carry one pair in one hand.
IP54 Rated protection
Enables you to ride in all weather conditions. 
Slip resistant foot mat
Maximizes your riding comfort by preventing your feet sliding off from the foot mat.
Smart Battery Management System
Makes sure that no battery power is wasted and prevents it from overheating.


Product Segway Drift W1
Recommended age 6+ 
Max. speed 12 km/h 
Net Weight 3.5 kg (single e-Skate)
Dimensions 291 x 162 x 121 mm (single e-Skate)
Battery 44.4 Wh
Max. climb angle 10 degrees
Payload 10 - 100 kg
Remote control via App No
App Monitor No
Bluetooth No
Water resistance Mainframe IP54
Battery pack IPx6
Power output 37.5 W
Riding time* 45 minutes
Operating temperature -10 - 40°C
Charging time 3 hours
Box contents Mainframe x2, Charger, Power Cord
Box dimensions 318 x 269 x 219 mm  

*Typical riding time: tested while riding under full power. 75 kg load, 25°C, 8 km/h average speed on flat hard ground.

Please note that rules and regulations for riding Segway products on public roads differ for every country, for more information check our Support page.

The possibilities are endless

Dance, glide, spin or do tricks!

video image

Segway Drift W1 - Unlimited Fun with Unlimited Imagination

2:30 min

Two separate e-Skates offer countless possibilities on ways to use it.

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Experience the New e-Skates

2:30 min

Dance, glide, spin or just simply roll, it's all up to you!

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Segway Drift W1 - IFA 2018

2:30 min

During IFA Segway has introduced lightweight, portable, comfortable and unique e-skates.

Step on and let the fun begin

After roller skates, inline skates and other fun mobility products in the past, the Segway Drift W1 is a new trendy way to move and have fun in a way that you haven’t ever before. Dare to stand out with e-Skates that are stylish, cool and fun to master. Gliding, spinning, dancing or doing tricks – the possibilities of how the Segway Drift W1 can be used are endless.
Stable self-balancing technology enables to move effortlessly and stylishly. Segway Drift W1 is lightweight and convenient to carry in a bag or in your hand to bring anywhere. Uniquely designed and modern Segway Drift W1 is made out of high-quality materials. The tires are designed to improve stability, steering capabilities, and combined with slip-resistance on the pads, the product is created for maximum comfort and fun.